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Mobile Pop-Up Shops

Mobile Pop-Up Shops

Looking to create a unique and engaging customer experience? Say hello to the superhero of the retail world – the mobile pop-up shop! It’s your brand’s secret weapon, a content machine, generating buzz that can be felt for miles.

Aardvark Mobile Tours specializes in producing, designing, and creating custom mobile pop-up shops. Whether you’re a brand, agency, or independent contractor, let’s ditch the ordinary and make your connection with potential customers feel like a party they won’t want to leave!

Alexander Wang / ADIDAS

For New York’s City’s fashion week, Alexander Wang and Adidas showcased their new collaboration in a unique way. Droga5 came to Aardvark for help, and we knew just what to do.

We produced, operated, and managed not one, but two vehicles: a box truck and a custom glass truck transformed into a sleek pop-up shop. Inside a surprise product launch was brewing, and guess what? The hype was so real that the Alexander Wang x Adidas merch sold out in record time at every pop-up location across the city.

The result? Increased revenue, tons of social buzz, and widespread press coverage. It was a best-in-class example of an exclusive merch drop, and it showed how effective a custom pop-up shop can be.

Although the models and clothes looked great, the trucks stole the show! They were sleek, modern, and eye-catching, creating a truly unique and memorable experience for Alexander Wang and Adidas.

Kate Spade

When Kate Spade and their agency A2G set their sights on the “Florence Broadhurst Tour,” they knew they needed some serious pros to pull it off without a hitch – and that’s where we at Aardvark came onto the scene. Kate Spade had already designed a unique pop-up shop, but when it came to the complexities of managing logistics, transportation, and setup, they entrusted the expertise of Aardvark.

Aardvark deployed both a skilled driver and a seasoned tour manager to orchestrate the campaign. Our certified driver maneuvered the pop-up shop seamlessly across various locations, while our tour managers diligently established and dismantled the setup, day in and day out.

With events spanning New York, LA, Seattle, and Austin, we were there, making sure Kate Spade’s dream tour became a reality beyond imagination.

We are the Mobile Pop Up Experts

We’re the pros who don’t just dream up designs, we make them burst into reality. We have extensive experience creating and designing mobile pop-up shops for major brands and agencies. But we’re not just bringing you pop-ups – we’re delivering experiences, providing certified drivers, and skilled program managers who practically have PhDs in making campaigns awesome.

If you are looking for a mobile pop-up trailer for your brand look no further than Aardvark Mobile Tours. Experiential marketing? We wrote the playbook. Your goals? Consider them conquered.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our jaw-dropping mobile pop-up shop projects. Reach out, and let’s plot the course for your upcoming campaign!

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At Aardvark Mobile Tours, we’re not just in the business of creating mobile pop-up shops – we’re the experts in creating custom mobile showrooms, retail trailers, and providing design and logistics for your projects…and we have fun doing it!

With us by your side, you’re not just creating an experience – you’re crafting an adventure that’ll have potential customers grinning from ear to ear and your competition scratching their heads in awe.

Check out our experiential marketing work to see our custom mobile showrooms, retail trailers, and design/logistics services. Let’s get this show on the road, contact us today!

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